10 Reasons why you NEED to play Lost Ark

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Recently, I have been playing an obscene amount of the game Lost Ark. I have even went so far as to paying for a VPN in order to play the game on a Russian server prior to the NA/EU launch that is planned for next year. The game is that good. I mean seriously….this game is good. Like a lockdown, don't leave your house for days, type of good. With that, I have come up with my top 10 reasons why you absolutely need to play Lost Ark.

But before I give you my list let first explain what this game is even about. You might have seen gameplay from it previously and thought it was just another isometric dungeon crawler like diablo or path of exile and you wouldn’t be too far off on some aspects, but this game is so much more than that. Imagine both of those games mashed up with Final Fantasy 14 and World of Warcraft, with the developers cherry picking the best aspects of each game, and you have what is Lost Ark.

It is a Korean MMO-RPG that first launched in December 2018. It is currently only available to play in Korea, Japan or Russia. So, why the heck are we talking about it now? Well, that’s because they have partnered with Amazon Gaming Studio and are officially launching the game for NA / EU as well as 32 other countries. There will be a closed beta from November 4th through the 11th which you can join by signing up for it and partaking in a lottery system and hope you get chosen or by purchasing any one of their four “Founder’s Packs” which range from $15 to $100 dollars from the Steam or Amazon stores. So now that you know a little bit about what the game actually is. Let’s get into my top 10 reasons why you NEED to play it.


1) Free to Play

The game is completely free to play. You do not need to buy the box game or pay any sort of monthly subscription. The business structure of the game is an in-game cash shop which allows you to buy in-game skins, pets, mounts etc, but even these can all be purchased and obtained just by playing the game.

2) Player vs. Player

This is it, folks. The PVP in this game is amazing and when I say amazing I mean The Boys season 1 amazing. It’s extremely difficult, but so so rewarding. When you successfully catch someone out or setup a big play for your team it feels incredible. And the best part is the gear is equalized. Everyone goes in with the same number of stats and max level abilities which is all unlocked at just level 26 which you can reach in about 4hours of playtime. What this means is, you can successfully play and rank up in PvP without doing ANY endgame PvE or farming, which is great news for all you hardcore PvP Andy's out there. There is so much more depth to this, but I will leave it here. This is a major selling point for me in this game.

3) Player vs. Environment

The boss mechanics in this game are very unique and engaging. Raids can be extremely challenging and often take weeks of attempts to clear. The best part for me about the PvE, specifically the bosses and raiding is that there is no long trash mob clearing like World of Warcraft Raids. Where you end up spending more time fighting nameless mobs than actually fighting the boss. The game is structured to get you in with your friends and guildmates as fast as possible and get you to the content that you want to actually be doing.

4) Combat

I would describe the combat in this game as fluid and fun. The skill animations are flashy and all have an impactful feeling. Add that on top of the depth of understanding the various types of CC that this game has and you have a perfect combination.

5) Character Progression

Progression in this game is very straightforward and the game does a good job walking new players through each part of it. Essentially, everything you do rewards you with some materials and then you use those materials to upgrade your gears level. Upgrading your gear level has a massive, and I mean MASSIVE, impact on your PvE performance. You also get the added benefit of having some pretty sweet visual gear progression as you level up your gear score.

7) Unique Classes

Each class feels unique and exciting to play. All classes perform well in PvE content and bring something valuable to the group. Every class is capable of clearing all in-game content as well as performing well in PvP due to it mainly being skill based as opposed to class based at most ELOs.

7) Talent & Skills

There are a ton of options for builds which creates extreme character depth. Up to 10 savable loadouts that you can quickly swap between and it will auto change Action Bar, Skills, Runes, Armor etc. The visual effects of the skills are insane and depending on which upgrade you chose the visual effects change accordingly. Thinks runes for Diablo 3.

8) Player-owned Housing

This may not be a huge selling point for some people; however, I quite like having player owned housing. And in this game they deliver. Everyone receives their own private island which they can upgrade and research different workbenches allowing them to craft their own items and consumables which will help them in end-game content as well as just being overall fun. Your friends can come and visit your island as well. I can definitely see private dueling tournaments taking place here in the future.

9) The Story

The story is very enjoyable and well written. It is fully voice acted with an insane amount of stunning cut scenes. The story takes you throughout multiple continents allowing you to learn more about the world and how the different regions are connected. Definitely a fan of the lore in this game and excited to see it receives constant additions.

10) Time Management

For me this is the absolute most important and enjoyable aspect about this game. Unlike a lot of games these days, Lost Ark makes you WANT to waste your time as opposed to it WASTING your time. What I mean by this, everything you do in the game gives you a reward or progresses your character or account in some way. Nothing is really a waste of time and nothing is time-gated like you would see in games like World of Warcraft. You choose the way you want to play the game and no matter what way you choose you will always progress and succeed in the game.

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