Do this NOW in Phase 1! TBC Netherwing Guide

If you are anything like me, going into TBC Classic you had a laundry list of things you never did as a kid but promised yourself you would do this time around. Well, the number one thing for me is obtaining the Netherwing Drake mount. Now I know it’s not the world's coolest mount or the most prestigious; however, it was something that 14 year old me always wished that he had back in the day but never did. Well today that all changes!

A little back story for those who don’t already know, but in order to obtain the Netherwing Drake Mount you first need to gain an exalted reputation with Netherwing. You will accomplish this by doing repeatable daily quests on Netherwing ledge. However, you will have to obtain Neutral status with Netherwing to accept any of these quests. And besides, these dailies are not available yet in Phase 1. We can expect them to come out in Phase 3 when we also see the Black Temple raid in the area unlocked. Okay, so the first thing you need to do to get yourself one step closer to being a glowing badass dragon rider of the skies is...well, have flying. To complete this quest line you will need at least a 60% flying mount; however, eventually to get the drake mount you will need Expert riding. The second step is head on over to the southeast corner of Shadowmoon Valley where we will be picking up the first quest Kindness from Mordenai who is a roaming Blood Elf hunter in the area.

He tasks you with feeding 8 Mature Netherwing drakes. You do this by obtaining Rocknail Flayer Carcasses in an area full of crystals next to the quest giver. There are two ways to obtain them: the first is by killing the smaller mobs which drop Rocknail Flayer Giblets. 5 of these combine into one Carcass, the second is by killing the larger guys which drop an entire carcass. You will need 8 carcasses in total. As you obtain them, just rick click on them in your inventory and it will attract a nearby mature netherdrake who will swoop down for the sky, eat it and fly away. Once you do this 8 times head back to Mordenai to accept the next quest, Seek Out Neltharaku.

Rocknail Flayers that drop Carcasses

Once you accept this quest, get on your flying mount as we are going to be looking for Neltharaku, a giant ethereal dragon flying around in the southeast corner of Shadowmoon Valley. Once you locate him, accept the next quest: Neltharaku's Tale. Complete this by speaking with him again and choosing his dialogue option.

Neltharaku fly's above the crystalline fields in Southeastern Shadowmoon Valley

He will then give you another quest Infiltrating Dragonmaw Fortress. This part is extremely easy. Just head over to the fortress right next to you and kill 15 orcs. It doesn’t matter which type you kill here so just pull whatever is easiest for you.

Once that’s done, head back to Neltharaku and accept the next quest Netherwing Ledge. For this quest he has you fly south to the Netherwing Ledge to collect 12 crystals. Be on the lookout for these crystals as well as the roaming elite guards. They WILL mess you up if you get too close.

Crystals located on Netherwing Ledge in Southeastern Shadowmoon Valley

As soon as you collect all 12, head back over to Neltharaku and accept the follow up quest The Force of Neltharaku. For this quest you need to free 5 enslaved netherwing drakes in the nearby Dragonmaw Fortress using the Nethevine Crystal in your inventory. To do this, you must be out of combat and have the Netherdrake selected. Walk up closer without aggroing them and right click your nethervine crystal, after about 2 seconds the Netherdrake will become friendly and start attacking its former master. Assist the netherdrake in killing the orc and you will get credit. Do this 5 times then head back to Neltharaku once more.

Use your Nethervine Crystal on the Netherdrake and wait about 2 seconds. Then assist the drake in attacking its handler.

Grab the followup quest Karynaku. This quest has you fly back to the same fortress and speak with a dragon that looks just like Neltharaku. For this last part you will need a group of at least 4, but preferably 5. Once you assemble your group and everyone is ready, accept the quest Zuluhed the Whacked which will spawn Zuluhed. I recommend fighting him in the nearby room where he spawns as the archers cannot attack you in here while fighting him. Once you defeat Zuluhed be sure to loot his body to obtain the key he drops allowing you to free Karynaku.

Fight in the room nearby where the boss spawns as the archers are unable to attack you.

Zulhud the Whacked

Go back to Karynaku next to you and turn in the quest. Accept the followup quest Ally of the Netherwing and you will be flown back to Mordenai. Turn in the quest and you will receive 4200 reputation points. Congratulations! You are now Neutral with Netherwing and are ready to start the daily quests in Phase 3!

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