Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Want an easy way to make to make 190+ gold per/hr in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic? Well I have another quick open world gold farm for you. There is no gear requirement; however, I strongly recommend being level 70 for efficiency's sake.

So first off, we’re going to start by heading over to Area 52 in Netherstorm. Once there you’re going to head West and you’ll arrive at Manaforge B’naar. Now this is another popular questing area, which lends itself to the dynamic respawn algorithm that Blizzard has in place. While here you’re going to be focusing on killing any of the blood elves. I find that the casters are the easiest ones to kill as they have an extremely low armor value and do not hit very hard...They’re basically wet noodles…. The primary items you will be farming here are Greens, Sunfury Signets, Arcane Tombs and loads and loads of Netherweave cloth. I mean seriously. You’ll get a metric crap ton.

For this guide I farmed here for one hour straight on my Enhancement shaman who is mainly in quest greens and some dungeon blues. After one hour of farming I netted 30 Raw Gold, 7 Green Items, 184 Netherweave Cloth, 61 Sunfury Signets and 4 Arcane Tombs. For the sake of the video we went and price checked all of the items and with my current market value on my server I made approximately 190g. Now I have farmed here on my resto druid previously and I actually ended up making about the exact same amount at 185g in an hour even though my killing speed was much slower. I managed to get a few extra lucky Arcane Tomb drops. So it’s safe to say that you’ll make roughly around that depending on your server's economy.


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