TBC Gold Farm | Make 200+ Gold Per/Hour with the Skinning Profession

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Whether you are a Casual or Hardcore player. One of the best ways you can make gold in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic is by leveraging your profession skills.


Arguably one of the quickest and easiest skills to level, skinning provides players with an extremely easy way of farming gold in the open world. While mileage my vary depending on the state of your servers current economy, on my server Mankrik, I was able to profit 200g an hour while primarily focusing on watching tv in the background. This was done by targeting a very specific in-game material used for crafting some of the best items in early phases of the expansion; Nether Dragonscales.

Step 1

In order to farm this efficiently I would recommend being level 70 or at least close to it. There are no gear requirements as the mobs have a fairly low armor value. To do this farm head on over to Blade's Edge Mountains and go to the crystalline field just South West of Death's Door.

Step 2

Once here, you are going to be killing the Netherdrakes that spawn around the crystalline structures. Please note, that if you have already followed my TBC Netherwing Guide and reached Neutral status with Netherwing you will need to first go into your reputation panel (u) and click "At War" with Netherwing. Don't worry, you can turn it off later and your reputation will be unaffected.

Results Skinning

After one hour of farming I was able to obtain 203g per/hour by selling Grey & Green items received to vendors and all of the Leather Scraps, Leather & Nether Dragonscales on my servers auction house.

Results Skinning + Leatherworking

As a bonus, if you also have the Leatherworking profession you can turn the Leather Scraps and Leather into Heavy Knothide leather. This netted me an additional 6g per hour. Not a huge increase, but 6g is better than nothing.

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