THE DEATH OF WOW | Is this it for World of Warcraft?

As I am sure you are aware, recently there have been a number of allegations as well as an official lawsuit by the State of California levied against Activision-Blizzard. With this we have seen numerous content creators such as Preach, TheMadSeasonShow and WillE as well as many others announce their plans to quit World of Warcraft and/or making World of Warcraft content.

For many years now World of Warcraft has been on what could only be described as Life Support. They’ve repeatedly released expansion after expansion of lackluster content that has continually driven away it’s player base, all while milking those that haven chosen to stay via their in-game cash shop.

Let’s face it, WoW has been in an abysmal state and bleeding players for quite some time now. This is no secret. In an official report by Superdata they found that since Shadowlands release player numbers have declined by 41% which is the same pattern we’ve seen for the last decade. New expansion is announced, there is a ton of hype, people buy the game, but there’s nothing good enough to keep players around and then they quit.

I feel that with the launch of Classic and TBC Classic the game has managed to supplement these sub drops, but even now we are seeing a mass exodus of players. People are quitting left and right and going to greener pastures. I mean hell, like Asmongold and many others, even I have been trying out FF14 and New World and have been loving both of them immensely. FF14 has created an incredible ecosystem of players that feel like not only their time but they themselves are valued. There is an open dialogue and communication about players wants & needs vs what is fiscally and technologically possible for Square Enix.

As for New World. Well, it’s just that. It’s a New World to be a part of. It’s a change from the same expansion after expansion like World of Warcraft. It is new content opposed to a remake of a 15yo expansion that has been beaten into the ground. Everything in New World is new and that’s exciting for many people, including myself. The game is in it’s last beta and a month out from its’ official launch which is kind of scary, because the game does have a log of bugs and flaws, especially around server lag. But nonetheless, it’s extremely promising and I’m very excited to officially dive into it next month.

So what does that mean to World of Warcraft? Is it dead? No. I don’t see WoW ever truly dying and we always hear that “this game is the WoW killer” and they’re still around. I believe that they will always find some way to milk those who stay, but I do think that they are rapidly losing the spot of the “Go To MMO”. Activision-Blizzard has lost the people's trust, and rightfully so. I think at this point they have had so many chances I don’t see them ever getting it back.

For now, we’ll just have to wait and see. Whether you choose to continue playing or quit. I just ask that you make that decision for yourself and try not to be influenced by what others are doing. Because, at the end of the day, your happiness and the way you spend your time is the most important thing for you. And no one should make that decision for you.

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